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Past Events Cloud Talk: Working Together To Defeat Coronavirus

Cloud Talk: Working Together To Defeat Coronavirus

Cloud Talk: Working Together To Defeat Coronavirus
By Generation T
March 27, 2020
At the first edition of our virtual event series Cloud Talk, we tackled the most important issue of our time

The first volume of Cloud Talk tackled China’s fight against Covid-19, the challenges ahead and the tools at our disposal to face the pandemic.

Gen.T honouree Long Tianwei, founder of med-tech company Manle Technology, discussed the road ahead to a vaccine. Dr Zhang Ruiyao, who heads up a Cambridge University lab that focuses on the interplay between viruses and the human immune system, offered insight on Covid-19’s latest global developments.

During the two-hour session in the Gen.T WeChat group, around 30 honourees engaged in the discussion, asking questions and drawing up a plan to work together to fight Covid-19 in their respective industries.

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One of our key takeaways was to pay attention to the first week of May, as the results of tests on the potentially game-changing coronavirus treatment Remdesivir will be revealed at that time.

Cloud Talk is a virtual event series where we discuss blue-sky ideas that matter. Cloud Talk takes place every week, alternating between Chinese- and English-language editions. Subscribe to attend the next edition.


Past Events Cloud Talk


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