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Upcoming Events Cloud Talk: Investing In Wine

Cloud Talk: Investing In Wine

Cloud Talk: Investing In Wine
By Generation T
July 24, 2020
In the 13th volume of our virtual event Cloud Talk, we talk to two industry leaders about why investment in wine is becoming increasingly popular, and how you should make your first steps

Fine wine is fast becoming an effective way for investors to diversify their portfolios, thanks to its reputation for being less volatile than other alternative investments while offering better risk-adjusted returns. "Its attractiveness also lies in the asset’s tangible nature and in not being correlated to the core financial markets," according to global investment manager Cult Wines

In our upcoming virtual event Cloud Talk on July 31 at 3pm, we will talk to Meng Lei, a Gen.T honouree and the founder of Sparkling+, a Champagne consulting and events company. She will delve into the intricacies of investing within the wine industry, why alternative investments in tangible assets such as wine are becoming increasingly popular, and how to use alternative investments to diversify your portfolio and reduce risk of overexposure.

Sparkling+ investor and brand ambassador Pei Ran will also be taking part in the discussion and leading a wine tasting for the guests physically present at the event, which will take place at Tatler House in Shanghai. The talk will be held in Mandarin, and moderated by Gen.T's China editor, Christine Chan. 

Meng Lei
Meng Lei
Pei Ran
Pei Ran

The Experts

Meng Lei is an Officier de L’ordre des Coteaux de Champagne, the official organisation representing major champagne brands, and organises frequent champagne tasting events around China, including champagne masterclasses.

Pei Ran is a sommelier who lived in France for 10 years, expanding his knowledge in French food and wine culture. 

Register for this event via Zoom. For more information on this Chinese-language Cloud Talk, visit our WeChat. To watch English-language Cloud Talks, visit our Events page.


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