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Upcoming Events Cloud Talk: What Our Mental Health Will Look Like Post-Pandemic

Cloud Talk: What Our Mental Health Will Look Like Post-Pandemic

Cloud Talk: What Our Mental Health Will Look Like Post-Pandemic
By Generation T
October 27, 2020
In the December 2 edition of our Cloud Talk webinar series, we speak with two experts from the Gen.T community about the effects of the pandemic on the world's mental health and how we can look after our own

The last time we spoke about mental wellness during our Cloud Talk series was earlier this year, in April. We held a workshop, led by Megan Lam of digital health company Neurum, which focused on developing a company culture and programme that looked after the mental wellness of employees in the workplace.

At the time, countries across the region were in lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak, which experts said was taking a toll on our mental health. Six months later, while many of us are slowly returning back to our daily lives, the pandemic is still far from over.

As we continue to face the fear of contracting the disease, we've also had to quickly adapt to a new normal within a matter of weeks or months, be it indefinitely working from home or not having a job at all. At the same time, the future seems filled with uncertainty. 

A recent policy brief by the United Nations reported that the pandemic means “a long-term upsurge in the number and severity of mental health problems is likely”, and that this could lead to a major mental health crisis.

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Bradley Dowding-Young
Bradley Dowding-Young
Amer Siddiq Amer Nordin
Amer Siddiq Amer Nordin


For our December 2 edition of Cloud Talk, we've invited two mental wellness advocates from the Gen.T community to discuss the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on our mental health as well as how we can assess and look after our own. At the end of the session, we'll have a breathing exercise led by one of our speakers, Bradley Dowding-Young, to help calm your senses before you embark on the rest of your day. 

The Entrepreneur
Founder and principal CEO of Silentmode, Bradley Dowding-Young was motivated to start his Hong Kong-based company by his stressful experience working in a fast-paced media environment for years. Combining his knowledge of mindfulness, sonic design and breathing work, he has created products including a wearable wellness face device that helps to reduce anxiety and improve performance, health and well-being. More recently, Silentmode launched a new iOS biofeedback and breathing workout app, Breathonics.

The Doctor
Amer Siddiq Amer Nordin is an associate professor of psychiatry, a consultant psychiatrist, chief coordinator of the University of Malaya's Centre of Addiction Sciences and coordinator of the Nicotine Addiction Research Group. He also has a podcast, On Air With Dr Amer Siddiq, where he openly discusses mental health issues in the hope of one day ending the stigma surrounding the topic.

Cloud Talk is a virtual event series that takes place twice a month, alternating between Chinese- and English-language editions. Register for this session of Cloud Talk here. To learn about upcoming editions, visit our Events page.


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